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Students Home

The “Student’s home” is a non-formal educational platform for students who have moved from regions to Yerevan. Our goal is to create a platform for self-education and self-development for young people living in the regions by organizing non-formal educational programs, meetings, discussions with businessmen, speakers, visits to various organizations, and through it promote the development of regions with an educated and competitive potential. Comfortable accommodation is provided to students in conjunction with non-formal educational programs.

The "Student’s home" has already hosted 16 students (up to 45 students can be hosted after the property and technical saturation), and 90-100 students are participating in our informal educational, intellectual, entertaining programs at the same time.


The goal of the program is:


· Youth development through non-formal education.

· Student community formation.

· Development of students' skills and abilities.

· Increasing the competitiveness of students in the labor market.

· Job creation in the regions.

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