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Our Projects


Hzoranoc is a traveling vehicle that visits different villages of RA every week, implements informal educational programs and promotes community activity.


Professional Orientation Camp

camps for the youth of the region in the final grades

Traveling Books

Traveling books is an interregional traveling library that allows young people living in different regions to read their favorite book.The “Traveling books” in the regions passes the book from one young person to another, thanks to which young people make inter-regional connections, make new acquaintances, and at the same time read their favorite book, participate in book discussions, both among young people from different communities and in communities themselves. Some of those communities are Ashnak, Karakert, Drakhtik, Kakavadzor, Katnaghbyur, Dzoravank, Martuni.

Aiming to create strong friendly ties between the youth of the regions, during this time our books have visited about 100 young people and have created an inter-regional book network.

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HILL was created to provide freelance work for young people living in the provinces. HILL provides digital marketing and design services.


The idea of ​​creating "PaTTani" was born when several young people from the region decided to make entertainment more intellectual, effective and interesting, realizing that strong programs are based on strong ideas, and entertainment is one of the best ways to unite teams.

"PaTTani" organizes events, team building, intellectual games, quests, mafia games, etc.

Like all projects of ”Strong Mind”, the team of "PaTTani" consists exclusively of young people living in the regions.

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