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Our vision

Strong Mind" NGO started its activity in 2019, aiming to create a strong pan-Armenian youth network, through which we will be able to develop the regions, as well as to establish intra-regional and inter-regional ties both in Armenia, Javakhk, Artsakh and among Diaspora Armenians. On the way to this goal, we are implementing a number of educational, motivational and region-aimed projects for young people.

Within the framework of "Strong Mind" we implement a number of non-formal educational programs, exchange of experience, which contribute to the personal growth of young people living in the regions, aiming to support the development and advancement of the regions. As a result, more than 100 webinars - seminars, courses on javascript, graphic design, English, Azerbaijani, CMS, etc. have already been conducted, as well as more than 30 visits to different villages, more than 10 large interregional events. Visits to communities play a key role in our activities, during which community problems are revealed with local youth, the role of young people in solving them, and teams are mobilized, who, keeping in touch with the NGO team, start their community activation and problem solving activities.

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